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Oxfordshire Plot elms


  1. 1 Banbury


Location:Broughton Road, Banbury
Google Streetview:https://goo.gl/maps/9x69fbfk4EP2
Current status:
1911: Druce's article from Journal of the Northamptonshire Natural History Society and Field Club, Volume 16 and the accompanying photograph of the trees 'near Banbury' were located in what is now Broughton Road, Banbury, Oxfordshire. Druce took samples in October 1911 (presumed by Melville to be 37.64) which are availiable online here: http://data.rbge.org.uk/herb/E00259948
1940: Melville states in Journal of Botany, Volume 78 that: "these trees are located in the garden of 17 West Bar Street, Banbury and that the location of these trees can be identified by the adjacent houses and by Druce's notes in his Hebarium." Present day 17 West Bar Street is about 300 metres from where I believe these trees are located.
27th May 1947: Britain from Above shows the location of the tree.  It would seem that by this point (27th May 1947) both trees had gone. Though unclear from the image, it may seem that there is a fallen tree, perhaps this is our second tree (Melville 37.63).
September 9th 1946: Melville wrote: "At Banbury the party made a brief visit to the classic locality of Ulmus Plotii in West Bar Street. The type-tree. had rotted and been cut down, though the base of the trunk was still standing and putting forth green shoots. The second large tree of U. Plotii near-by was fortunately in good condition."
2015: Some possible suckers of Plot elm exist on the south side of Broughton Road.